Old Fire Tower - Damariscotta, ME - Noon

Church Clockface - notice the counterweight rods on the hands

Old Glass, Old Wood, Old Shakes

Sea and Grass - I love the warm/cool contrast, and the water bokeh

Abstract of Deck Staircase

This beach boulder area had a texture that looked like wood grain

Marshall Point Lighthouse - if this looks familiar to you, it was used in a scene in the movie, Forrest Gump

Marshall Point Lighthouse - a really compressed, zoomed image of some of its coolest shapes/angles

Marshall Point Lighthouse - I am experimenting with 3:1 aspect ratio cropping for a lot of my images, and it works great for this image

A gorgeous sunset on the bay that our house was situated on

Owls Head Lighthouse - selective color shots are considered "cheezy" to photographers, but I like the way the gold color looks against the brick and sky/cloud details

Curved Facade - Camden Maine - I love the unique architecture of this building and the 3PM sun gave me all the light and shadow I needed to make the shot. There is also a nice red/white/blue theme to this image that I like

Marianna Filippi - I thought she was just a local Camden street musician, but I've since learned that she is a world-class composer who recently had one of her music compositions performed in Italy! We spoke for a while on this day about the power and joy that comes with playing music. You can tell by this image that there's nowhere she'd rather be than playing her music - a great smile!

Boat Buddies - My wife found these boats before I did and was shooting them with her iPhone. I came over to see what she was shooting and saw such a great scene. Taking photographs with friends is always a great learning experience. It helps you to see what you might have otherwise missed!

Morning Sun - Red Door - I love the many shades of red in this image. This was shot on Main Street in Thomaston, ME. Remember the old door mail slots?

This tower was also shot in Thomastown, ME. I love the detail that still hangs on in this tower. Maybe this was once a fire tower for the town?

I shot this in front of an antique store in Wiscasset, ME. The color of the door and the rusty sifter really made this shot for me. 

When Straight Lines Bend - I shot this at around noontime and just loved the way the straight lines of the shutter bent into the Z-shape against the corners of the building. I shoot too many window corners!

An old door latch, peeling paint, long shadow, keyhole and a little rust - I love everything about this image

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