calgary zoo - resting gorilla

calgary zoo - I was surprised to see the short mane continue with the stripes of the zebra's body

calgary zoo - midday snooze for this hippo

calgary downtown - the light on this building was being reflected off of a nearby glass skyscraper

calgary zoo - love this pose

calgary downtown - a hotel that advertises it has a liquor store, hmmm...

calgary downtown - the bow building - so impressive!

calgary downtown - these giant "flyswatters" are used to cut down on wind speed in a skyscraper corridor, and they are beautiful as well

calgary downtown - a great head sculpture in front of the bow building

canmore - three sisters in the clouds

Mt. Rundle - outside of Banff

mountain goats

petrified wood - near banff's bow falls

bow falls - banff

a beautiful metropolitan fond in canmore

mountains around moraine lake

moraine lake and the valley of ten peaks

moraine lake and the valley of ten peaks

moraine lake and the valley of ten peaks

lake louise at sunrise

lake louise at sunrise

lake louise at sunrise - so calm

we stayed at the Deer Lodge in Lake Louise. this shot was taken out of my hotel window at dawn

lake louise - this is the scene we saw as we pulled into the dee lodge parking lot at Lake Louise at the end of a long day of sightseeing

not sure where this is exactly, but scenes like this were mostly shot from the car driving 65mph - there was a view like this around every corner

this was shot from the roadside as we were traveling down the canadian icefields parkway somewhere between Lake Louise and Jasper

mountains and fog

another scene captured right from a rest area on the canadian icefields parkway

peyto lake - a 10 minute hike to get to this lookout platform over this glacial lake - well worth the walk in the woods

shot from the canadian icefields parkwat - the weather was often cloudy and unsettled, but it made for some great drama shots with clouds / fog and the colors were not blown out by the sun - perfect for shooting

scenes like this were everywhere in these beautiful canadian rockies

this was august in the canadian rockies. It's a good time to go where you can get contrast between the rock and the snow. A few weeks later, this would all be covered in white snow. 

glacier skywalk overlooking the athabasca river

a beautiful scene on pyramid lake near jasper

this is the vehicle that transports people onto the athabasca glacier. 

pyramid lake near jasper

rowboats on the shore of pyramid lake near jasper

rene spotted this birch forest as we drove toward pyramid lake near jasper

this is the inside of a teepee at a tourist shop somewhere near lake louise

it was raining all day bit it created some nice scenes to capture at maligne lake near jasper. This boat house was built in 1928 

I shot this while leaning over the railing at the Maligne Lake boathouse. 

Maligne Lake boathouse 

I like the composition of this image of the Maligne Lake boathouse

this is an early morning image of mountains in the clouds as we left jasper to visit maligne lake

a great well-preserved train engine in downtown jasper

Mt. Robson - I like the highway view - it give sense of just how large these mountains are!

I shot this as we were driving down a hill on the canadian icefields parkway - such drama in the clouds and the steepness of the landscape all around us. 

this was a tourist trap that was closed for the day - it attempted to capture the look of a western ghost town

the water tower in the ghost town tourist trap

we shot this from a rest area on the crazy canuck highway between Whistler and Kamloops

somewhere on the crazy canuck highway between whistler and kamloops

somewhere on the crazy canuck highway between whistler and kamloops

shot this as we were leaving vancouver and heading to whistler for the day. 

shot this at an exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery. The exhibit was on living in small spaces. 

Vancouver Art Gallery - a beautiful staircase

this is a carving in a giant pole in the lodge at Grouse Mountain

this checkers set was set up for playing at the Capilano Suspension Bridge lodge

this accordionist/singer was part of a duo that was playing traditional/historic songs as entertainment at the capilano suspension bridge area. 

an owl demonstration at the capilano suspension bridge

apartment/condo building - downtown vancouver

new and old - downtown vancouver

the historic Hotal Europe - vancouver

a close up of the ornate steeple at Holy Rosary Cathedral - vancouver

the balcony - holy rosary cathedral - vancouver

steam clock - gas town district in vancouver

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