The first sight of the Mt. Washington Hotel from a viewing area across the highway. This was shot in October and the fall foliage was starting to appear. 

A view from the driveway of the golf course on the front lawn of the Mt. Washington Hotel

New Hampshire is known as the Granite State, so I wanted to include this nice granite boulder into the scene...

The scene as you drive up to the parking lots on the side of the Hotel. 

The straight-on shot of the front of this grand structure

One of many towers and balconies for rooms that are probably the most expensive... 360 degree views!

Even if you aren't staying there, you can walk around on the giant veranda/porch and see scenes like this as you rock the hours away

This scene looks set up, but it was just as you see it. Wicker looks great and timeless on this veranda. 

I was happy to see the chairs casting shadows here at the right front end of the veranda. Notice the beautiful semicircular porch design at the rightmost end of the hotel

The only way I could get all of this porch into the picture was to shoot with a 15mm wide angle lens

Relaxing wicker chairs for foliage viewing

This semi-circular porch affords a wide view of the mountains all around.. 

Another 15mm wide angle shot as I continue to shoot around the back side of the hotel. The sky was cooperating on this day with beautiful cloud formations

Behind the hotel, there is an open air area where weddings and other special events can take place. No skimping on design details here. This railing provides a great anchor to this foliage scene. 

The back porch, just like any other back porch, right? This one stretches quite far. 

A foliage scene looking out across the White Mountains from the back porch

Comfortable seats everywhere to enjoy the scenery

Another beautiful curved porch on the back of the hotel. Check out the old paint layers, which say so much about the work to preserve the history of this hotel. 

The ornate door handle to the Hotel Ballroom - beautiful brass that has aged so well

The grand staircase in the main lobby of the hotel

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