A wide angle image of the beautiful shape of the upper balcony

This is the main entrance to the church - beautiful old wooden doors and glass

Brass candle snuffers on a blue-green worn wooden wall space

The morning sunlight was pouring into the large front window of the church, making this an interesting high contrast image 

I am most happy when I see history preserved like these coat hangers and lamp, even though the lamp has a modern bulb. 

This image of the crazed paint on the pews really amplifies the history of this church

This was a unique and surprise ornamentation on the columns in the balcony.

Many of the glass panes on these windows cast great texture and color as the sun shines through them to an interior wall. 

History, history - why would I have any reason to believe this sill has ever been replaced since the church was built?

This sliver of a hallway is located in the front upstairs interior. More peeling paint/plaster 

This latch has served many years in keeping this closet door closed

Looking out of the grand front window where sunlight poured in during the morning service. 

The lectionary, with candles and cross.

I love the stretching of geometry that a wide angle lens (15mm in this case) can force onto a scene like the show I took in this upstairs landing area

The church still employs many of the latches and locks that are original - each beautiful and simple in its design

When I take images of old churches, I can't help but imagine the generations that have come before us all and made this their place of worship

Another beautiful historical lock

A nice reflection of the front window onto the ceiling of the gathering space

This church still maintains an operational bell tower with a bell attached to this rope

Each pew had different little stools/kneelers that looked like each was built over the almost two centuries this church has been around

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