Graceful Curve

Old Port - Portland, ME

Closed for the Winter

Boott Mill Staircase

Boston Glass

Steps to the Sail Loft


Red House - Harrisville, NH

Parking Lot Geometry

Barn Perspective

Mill Facade at Noon

Midday Sun Triangles

Park Street Church

In the North End

From the Altar to the Door

Dartmouth Library

The Glory of God

Lights Out

Ignore Time

Hancock Over Brownstones

Making Shoes on the Night Shift

Pointing Skyward

Library Staircase

The Circular Barn

Belknap Mill Staircase - 1823

Real Vegas Gold

The Old General Store

Afternoon Shadow

Indian Head Farm

Boston's Beacon Hill

Long Shadows



Roaring Red

Ye Olde Corne Crib

Lawrence Mill Reflection

Corner Office

Shaker Railing

Shaker Barn Stone

Window Framing

Boston's Christian Science Monitor 2

Shutter Shadow

Barn Window

Three Windows

Carriage House

This Old Door

No Trespassing

Balcony at Sunrise

America, Abandoned

Old and New Hancock

Blue Gem

Bay Bridge and Downtown

Charlestown Windows

Zakem and Silhouette

Secret Passageway

Hebron Library - 3PM

Escher's Inspiration

Trois Fenetres

Bath Church

Curved Glass

Not Much Barn Left

Mustard Neighbor

Copper Galore

Sweeping Angles

Broad Side of a Barn

Warner NH Clock Tower

Through the Barn

The Leaning Shack

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