Teachers' Hats

Ready for Weaving

Tic-toc, Tic-Toc


Leaving the Mill...

Antique Handle

School Chalkboard

The Teacher's Desk

Seat in the Sun

Shaker Baskets

The White House

Shaker Storage

Three Brooms

General Electric Antique Fan


Two Rockers

Straw Hats

Morning Sun on the Barn

The Milk Can

Random Construction

The Undulating Fence

The Witch's Wings

Shaker Weave

Shaker Corner

Shaker Chairs on the Porch

Shaker Broom Factory

Dried Flowers

Three Shaker Chairs

Santa's Sleigh Barn

Shaker Cow Barn View

The Crooked Window

Hancock Cow Barn

Hay Storage

Shaker Cow Barn - Midday

Silo to the Sky

Cemetery Contrast

Post Office Boxes

Thanks to Our Soldiers

One Room Schoolhouse

True North

Paul Revere's Ride

Warm Place in the Pews


Antique Cash Register

Clock, Cookies and Flags

New England Holy Place

Skeleton Keys

The Jug and Bowl

Reverse Buggy Seat

Classic Travel Gear

Reading Spot

Brooms for Sale

At the Broom Factory

Straw Hat on the Wall

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