Mine Falls Waterfall

The Berm at Mine Falls

Golden Morning

Full Spectrum Sky

Apple Crate

Placid Pond at Dawn


Trees in the Fog

The Placid Nashua River



Fog and Cabin

Almost Infinity

The Heavens

When Fall Comes to New England


Crunch, Crunch, Crunch..

Field of Dreams

New England Farm

Barn on the Hill

Vegas Sunrise

Sunset, Moonrise

Complimentary Hues

The Sun is a Star

Wagon Wheels


Reach for the Sky

Spring Storm

The Yellow Barn

Around the Pond

Finally Clear Skies

Pearly Gates

Feeling Small in the Sandpit

Summer in the Cemetery

The Narrow Gate

Fallen Heroes

Foggy Glen

The Estate

Relax in the Shade


Mine Falls "Dam Ahead" Sign

The Horse Farm

Morning on the River

Henniker Bridge

Onto the Pond

Leaning In

Tall Pines

Branch Meets Branch

Sunset Reflection

Rushing River

Treeline in Winter

Midwinter Gold

Frozen Lake

Tree by the Pond

Vermont Red

Sunrise on the Bank

Pawtuckaway PM

Campfire Afternoon

Smoke and Fog

Double Hatchets

By the Pond

Boulder Reflection

Pawtuckaway Sunset

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