Modern Day Sea Captain

Mill Girl

Selfie with Buddha - 4AM

Biker and Girl

The Little Drummer Boy

Slave to Fashion


Take Me Out to the Ballgamegg

Story Teller

The Accordion Player

Goin' Home

Hello Kitty Fan-Girls

Holding My World in His Hand

Bagpipe at Dawn

Sharp-Dressed Man

Hammer Toss

Billy Gibbons on Bagpipe

Big Drum, Big Smile

First Steps

Well-Dressed Scotsman

Tybee Island Sand Fun

Baby Steps


Under the Boardwalk

Brisk Walk, Brisk Day

Coffee Break - NOLA

Happy Jamming

NOLA Street Jazz

Well-worn Sheet Music

He's Blowin' that Sax

Lookin' Out My Front Door

Montpelier Smoking Break

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